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Customer Testimonials

What do our customers have to say about YippieYo? We have already asked several of our first little “test drivers” and customers what they think of the YippieYo and how they make use of it…

If you are a YippieYo customer and you would like to tell us about your experiences or send us suggestions, ideas or photos, then simply enter your feedback into the contact box at the bottom of this page. Interested in forming an opinion? Then visit our View and Test page for more information…

Would you like to tell us about your experiences or send us suggestions or ideas? Then simply enter your personal information in the fields (mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk) and add your message. If you want, you can also send a photo.

We love to go on family walks and Alice has always been a good walker, but there are times when she gets tired and actually since being at school she is even more tired. She is getting too big and tall to go on Andy’s shoulders, which was always our fall back option, so what now? read more...
Dear bear and beany
Do you have young children and a desire to adventure more with them in the outdoors? Are you tired of conventional prams holding you back from exploring fells, forests or beaches? We’ve discovered the perfect solution – an all terrain crossbuggy that frees you up to explore. In this advertising feature, we review the unique YippieYo... read more... / watch video
The Family Adventure Project (United Kingdom)
I have to admit my Husband and I were surprised! Once setup, which took us a matter of minutes, it was very easy to maneuver and a delight to pull. The girls hopped in straight away and their combined weight of 30+kgs felt like nothing at all. read more... / watch video
Twin Love Concierge (United Kingdom)
Overall the YippieYo gets a big thumbs up from the Mamma Fairy house, it delivers exactly what it promises, its safe, its comfortable and suitable for all terrains. We received this before Christmas and it gets very regular use in this house. read more...
The Mamma Fairy (United Kingdom)
As we are in the countryside, the Crossbuggy fits in so well and it really does turn heads. There are loads of beach and woodland walks to do local to where we live and as the Crossbuggy is such brilliant quality and it is solid and sturdy so we know we can use it anywhere without any problems at all. read more...
The Coastal Mummy (United Kingdom)
Enter the Yippie Yo Crossbuggy. It is like no stroller you’ve seen before. The Crosbuggy “stroller” is a mix between a cart and child carrier. It is a two-wheeled buggy with a lengthy handle. It seats two and has a netted storage area in the back for small objects. The handle is curved at the end and has a hand brake. The sturdy aluminum construction is an engineer’s dream – it’s strong but lightweight, durable but playful. Further, it’s stable on various surfaces and inclines. read more... / article as PDF...
Dutch Dutch Goose (Netherlands)
Looking for an all terrain buggy but finding it hard to choose which three or four wheeler best suits you? Stop right there and think about this: how about a two-wheeler. As buggy designers are working on little refinements to their honed masterpieces to compete in the all terrain market, one new upstart hopes to turn that market on its head. read more... / article as PDF...
made for mums (United Kingdom)
Every now and again, it’s good to try something different. Never mind 4 wheelers or even 3 wheelers, this is a beautifully designed, heavy-duty 2 wheeler that will tackle any off-road terrain, unlike any other pushchair you’ve seen. Oh, and you pull it. Does that make it a ‘pullchair?’ YippieYo has effectively created a new category of child transport. read more... / article as PDF...
the dadnetwork (United Kingdom)
So when we heard about YippieYo it looked like a logical next step for us. The YippieYo Crossbuggy is a pull along vehicle for children that looks like a cross between a pushchair seat and a trailer. We were sent a YippieYo Crossbuggy to review and I loved it immediately. The times we use a pushchair are purely the big days out and the YippieYo Crossbuggy looked perfect for that. read more... / article as PDF... / watch video
what the readhead said (United Kingdom)
... The YippieYo Crossbuggy has been nominated for the German Design Award 2016.
German Design Award (Germany)
... As if by magic, just as I was contemplating our options I heard from YippieYo who have created their unique Crossbuggy. They combined elements from a pushchair, a hand-drawn cart and a child carrier to create an all-terrain buggy that is highly manoeuvrable, durable and with space for two children aged from one to six. Although we only have one child, we knew the extra space would come in handy for bags.
/ article as PDF...
You Baby Me Mummy (United Kingdom)
... I'll curb my bellyaching about the weather for a bit to show you this wonderful contraption... Behold... The YippieYo. This arrived all the way from Germany, just before our holiday, the perfect holiday companion for an active family!
/ article as PDF...
Jack's Papermoon (United Kingdom)
... Their product isn't something I've ever really seen before and I think it's a cool concept for parents with children who are able to walk, yet get tired easily. Ethan is one of those children, he loves being outside and exploring (as we all do as a family) but with his little legs he gets tired really quickly. He usually shuns Logan's spot in the pram when we offer it to him, but I think he'd find this sort of thing quite fun and a bit of a novelty! read more... / article as PDF...
Bump to Baby (United Kingdom)
The YippieYo Crossbuggy is a pull along trailer for one or two children. It's really an off road version of standard trailers and it can go places where you wouldn't take a pushchair. It feels at home in a field, woodland, beach and mountains. When the Crossbuggy arrived I was a little scared of the size of the box and whether it needed a complicated assembly but I shouldn't have worried. The wheels are very easy to attach as long as the disc brakes are aligned correctly. The seat needs clipping open and the handle securing and you're ready to go. read more... / article as PDF...
let's talk baby gear! (United Kingdom)
With its very low center of gravity and its big wheels, the buggy is very easy to maneuvre. It can be easily turned on the spot and after a few minutes I had the hang of it. Even tight turns can be taken and small obstacles can be bypassed effortlessly. With only 12 kg the Crossbuggy is extremely light and even with two children inside it can be pulled along with one hand and without much effort. read more...
Zwillingsratgeber (Germany)
It is love, love, love here at BBHQ for the Yippie Yo Crossbuggy. It is unique and unusual. It absolutely fills a big gap in the market for a practical all terrain option for one or two children. Bearing in mind that Master BB has special needs, this also means that we have a ‘non baby’ way to transport him where all his friends are actually envious of his smart wheels! This could be a really great school run option for those who have a long walk to school. It is simple for the children to hop in and out, whilst the harness is difficult to open. There are so many possibilities and the world literally is your oyster with a Yippie Yo. The Yippie Yo will go anywhere you have ever wanted to go with children. We have pleasure in awarding the Yippie Yo Cross Buggy a Best Buggy 5 Gold Star rating for an excellent, practical, great quality product. We are planning on many more years of use from the Yippie Yo because we LOVE it! read more...
Justine (Best Buggy, U.K.)
For me, quality and sustainability are very important. The Crossbuggy is produced in Switzerland and assembled in a big sheltered workshop in Germany. All materials are made in the EU and the frame can be completelty recycled. The washable and dirt repellent seatcovers are fully compliant with the highest OEKO-tex standards and are free of any harmful substances – you can really drive this buggy with a good conscience. Those with twins are very often addressed by others, and with the YippieYo Crossbuggy, you certainly are an eye-catcher! read more...
Einer schreit immer (Austria)
With a Crossbuggy neatly stowed in the car trunk we started our trip to the Timmendorfer Beach. After 1.5 hours of driving we arrived at the parking lot, unloading and unfolding the buggy took only a couple of minutes. Just quickly putting the kids in there and the wild ride could begin. Now the Crossbuggy had to show how to get along on sand, water and other uneven surfaces. What shall I say, even on this terrain it could be pulled easily and with minimal effort. […] We can absolutely recommend the YippieYo Crossbuggy, especially for parents with two younger children. We do use it very, very often and we will never ever give it away. read more...
Mamis Welt (Germany)
Our youngest son had an operation in May and had to have a cast put on both of his legs. His previous buggy was no longer suitable for transportation and he does not like to sit in a wheelchair. Due to its wideseating surface, the Crossbuggy is perfectly suited for him and our son loves the buggy. […] We are very thrilled by the Crossbuggy and there are a lot of people asking us about it.
Christine H. (Munich, Germany)
With our two children we are often hiking in the Munich Mountains and the Crossbuggy is always with us – the kids love it!
Kathi E. (Munich, Germany)
We are very satisfied with the Crossbuggy. We use it a lot; overhill and dale, and its even easy to pull in the snow. The kids feel comfortable in the buggy and sometimes we have even transported three children. Occasionaly the kids take a little nap in there. The leisure bag is great, and there is enough room for food, drinks and substitute clothes.
Beatrix G. (Switzerland)
For me personally the YippieYo Crossbuggy is a great vehicle. I hike a lot with the kids using the backpack child carrier, but this is getting near impossible due to my back. Whenever there is a suitable way, the Crossbuggy is our first choice. I love it and think it is a great thing!
Horst E. (Munich, Germany)
The YippieYo Crossbuggy is ideal for parents who like to take their kids for a hike or a walk out of the urban jungle and want to enlarge their action radius. The buggy can be used on almost any terrain (paved roads, grassland, stones, forrest, etc.) and is easy to pull or push in the plain as well as uphill and downhill. read more...
Freshdads (Austria)
The Crossbuggy absolutely convinced us in terms of comfort, driving properties and stability. We have been out and about in the forrest, in the zoo, at a city fair and in deep sand. Pulling the Crossbuggy along has always been easy. The kids have been very happy throughout, fastened and unfastened their seat-belts and have had a lot of fun. Although the Crossbuggy does not replace a babystroller, it is a very useful, additional vehicle for active families who like to take their kids on walks and hikes. read more...
Our outdoor kindergarten uses the Crossbuggy. All the kids want to sit in it and the elder ones like to pull it as well. It is great that the children can handle the buggy very independently. Even the smallest ones are getting in and out with no problem at all. The parents are convinced by the solid workmanship and the high quality. For our outdoor kindergarten we need a robust and highly manoevrable vehicle and we are happy that we found it with the Crossbuggy.
Dorothee G. (Outdoor kindergarten Grevenbroich e.V., Switzerland)
I work for the company in Switzerland which is welding the aluminium frame of the Crossbuggy and I am personally highly convinced of the product. I feel that the clear committment to Switzerland as a production location is very sustainable and valuable and we support the YippieYo AG with all our strength in all production related issues. I have children myself and I use the Crossbuggy when I go on walks and hikes with them. Now I recommend it to all our friends and their kids.
Marco R. (Grosswangen, Switzerland)
Our children are often fighting over who can sit in the buggy. Although Linus has a footboard to ride, whenever he is tired he wants to sit in the stroller. With the YippieYo Crossbuggy, both of our children can sit next to eachother and we can cover longer distances, be it for shopping, visiting friends, or simply getting to the next playground.
Levin, Linus, and Melanie (Pfuhl, Germany)
We tested an early test model of the Crossbuggy in the mountains around Zug. Max liked it so much that he did not want to get out of it! The YippieYo is a true all-terrain buggy and very easy to manoevre, even on difficult terrain – and the kids just love it.
Max and Susanne F. (Zug, Switzerland)
We are always pulling our little sister Mia and playing horses. When we get tired ourselves, mum and dad have to pull us and we can rest. This way we even like to go hiking with our parents.
Mia (3 J), Sophie (7 J) und Chiara (9 J) aus Neu-Ulm, D