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Lieferung und Kundenservice

Shipping and delivery

Our Crossbuggies can only be delivered to Germany, Austria and Switzerland at present. From June 2015, we will also ship the Crossbuggy to the following countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, France (excluding Corsica), United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland), Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, Sweden and Spain (excluding Balearic and Canary Islands). For shipping to the German islands, there is a surcharge of EUR 12.00. A full list of shipping costs can be found in the next section, under "Shipping and costs".

If you wish to place an order from Germany or another EU country, you will be automatically redirected to our EU shop, where the prices are calculated in Euros. If you live in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, please use our CHF shop, where prices are calculated in Swiss Francs. If you live in the United Kingdom please use our UK shop, prices are indicated in British Pounds. If you wish to order from a country that is not listed here, please call us or send us an e-mail at

If you have ordered your YippieYo Crossbuggy or accessories from our online shop, the goods will be sent directly to your home by the date specified in the online store. Within Germany, goods are sent by DHL via our logistics partner Wiedmann & Winz. For international orders, the goods can be delivered in the destination country by another logistics partner.

Shipping and costs

The prices specified on the product pages include VAT and other price components. For delivery within Germany, we charge a flat fee of EUR 5.00 per order. If the net order value is above EUR 200, delivery is free within Germany. For delivery to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we charge CHF 35.00 (incl. customs clearance). The shipping costs for each country can be found in the following list.

Overview of shipping costs by country

  • Belgium - 10,00 EUR
  • Denmark - 10,00 EUR
  • Germany - 5,00 EUR (free shipping on orders above EUR 200)
  • Finland - 30,00 EUR
  • France - 10,00 EUR (excl. Corsika)
  • United Kingdom - 10,00 EUR (excl. Northern Ireland)
  • Italy - 10,00 EUR
  • Liechtenstein - 35,00 EUR (inkl. customs clearance)
  • Luxembourg - 10,00 EUR
  • Netherlands - 10,00 EUR
  • Norway - 45,00 EUR
  • Austria - 10,00 EUR
  • Poland - 10,00 EUR
  • Sweden - 20,00 EUR
  • Switzerland - 35,00 EUR (incl. customs clearance)
  • Spain - 20,00 EUR (excl. Balearic, Canary Islands)

The customer is responsible for paying the direct costs associated with returning the goods. For goods that cannot be returned by post due to their nature, the cost of return may well be above 50 Euro and more. You can get a quote from your local provider by indicating the size (100 cm x 75 cm x 35 cm) and the weight (about 14 kg) of the delivery. When returning goods, please follow the returns process described below.

Customer service: Any questions, suggestions or problems? We're happy to help!

  • The colour of the cushions or frame is completely different to what you expected?
  • You're having difficulties following the assembly or disassembly instructions?
  • You have some questions about operation, maximum loads or safety?
  • Your product is damaged and you need some replacement parts?
  • Time to change the seat covers to try out some new colours?
  • You've discovered a flaw or have some suggestions on how to make YippieYo even better?
  • You simply want to find out more about our young company or recommend the Crossbuggy?

Then please don't hesitate to contact us at any time, ideally by sending us a detailed e-mail at You can also include your phone number and we'll call you back. Alternatively, call us or leave a call-back request on our voicemail (with your name, address and telephone number) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. This will save you the call charges and give us more time to devote to you. Standard call charges to German landlines or Swiss mobiles apply.

Germany: +49 (0)30 300 11 22 33
Switzerland: +41 (0)76 811 00 00

We're always genuinely pleased to receive an e-mail or phone call. We are a new company and are keen to establish a good dialogue with you as one of our first customers. You can teach us a lot about how to improve. And if you experience any problems with your Crossbuggy, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to find an ideal solution for you.

... but sometimes, it's just not meant to be: returns

If all else fails and you already know that the Crossbuggy is not what you're looking for, then it's only fair to let you send it back to us within 14 days at the latest. As a young company, it will hurt us to know we couldn't meet your requirements. But we'd hate to see you stuck with a buggy that you're not 100% happy with. That's why we've set up a dedicated returns process (even if we've hardly had a need for it so far).

For returns within German or the EU, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Please do not use the Crossbuggy outdoors or on dirty ground.
  2. Repack the product and all accessories in our white shipping box.
  3. Let us know in writing (by letter or e-mail) that you are cancelling the contract (see T&Cs – Cancellation). Please include your name, address, order number and a contact telephone number.
  4. In Germany please stick the enclosed returns label (addressed to Wiedmann & Winz GmbH, Industriestr. 5, D-73054 Eislingen) to the box containing the Crossbuggy and take it to your local DHL shop.
  5. If you live in a different EU country or in Switzerland/Liechtenstein, please contact a local post office or alternative shipping company in your country. Please send the packed up Crossbuggy to the same address as indicated above (Wiedmann & Winz) at your expense.
  6. You must bear the direct costs of returning the goods. As soon as we have received the Crossbuggy in its original condition (i.e. undamaged, complete and clean), you will receive a full refund. The refund method will depend on the selected payment method. We hope that we can thereby resolve the matter amicably and with no hard feelings. We always strive to be fair and we will always do our best to assist you in a return process.

By the same token, however, this also means that we can only accept used or dirty Crossbuggies in the event of a warranty claim.

No matter what the problem, we promise to suggest a fair and practical solution. If you're still not happy, you can return the goods as described above. All we ask is that you are equally fair. You will no doubt appreciate that we cannot simply take your buggy back if it is dirty or scratched or shows other signs of use. Likewise, we cannot assume any responsibility for the whereabouts of your buggy if you do not return it as described, i.e. to our logistics partner via GLS or directly to us from within Switzerland. Although we will try our best, we may not be able to refund the whole cost if we receive the Crossbuggy in a badly damaged condition (except in the event of a warranty claim) or if we cannot find the shipment. Thank you for your understanding and fairness.

We would love to keep you as a customer and hope you and your children enjoy using your YippieYo!