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The story – a simple yet ingenious idea

The beginnings

The story begins in the 1960s in Germany. Heinz Höfelmann, an active, sporty father, of two, wanted to be able to take his children with him on longer tours in the great outdoors, but he couldn’t find any suitable means of transporting them. Therefore, he designed and developed a new “vehicle” for his sons that was especially suited to walks over uneven terrain. He combined the advantages offered by a hand-drawn cart, a pushchair and a child-carrier. But unlike a child-carrier, he didn’t want to have to carry his children on his back. From the hand-drawn cart he borrowed the principle of pulling the vehicle by means of a handle, making it easier to negotiate obstacles. Unlike the traditional hand-drawn cart, however, he constructed his vehicle with just one axle which rendered it much more flexible and manoeuvrable. With his homemade “kiddie cart” Heinz enjoyed many tours together with his sons through woods and meadows. The original version of the YippieYo was born!

The modern day

Everyone enjoys being outside in the great outdoors. Many parents would really love to embark on long walks and rambles and burn off energy, but little children get tired quickly. In order to cater to these differing needs, we picked up on the idea of the “kiddie cart” and, with the help of a renowned German design and construction firm, we remodelled it. What we have created is a totally new category of outdoor buggy – the YippieYo “Crossbuggy” – an all-terrain buggy suitable for off-road environments and everyday use, all in keeping with highest safety standards.