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  • YippieYo - Ausstattung

Designs & Features – mix and match!

Various design options and useful accessories

The YippieYo all-terrain buggy is available in a variety of different designs. We are constantly extending our palette of design options and accessories. In our shop you can either put together your own buggy or select from one of our suggested models. Select your desired model in our shop.

Choose your model in our shop

Select your desired model in our shop.

In our shop you can also choose from a range of pre-configured models with accessories…

Attractive features for your YippieYo

The all-terrain buggy comes with many high-quality features as standard. The basic model has two 5-point safety harnesses, solid disc wheels with “solight ecco” tyres (optimum shock absorption with no need for pumping), disc brakes and components in mountain-bike quality, as well as dirt-resistant and water-resistant padded seat covers certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standards. Furthermore, no cumbersome assembly is required – the YippieYo buggy comes delivered “ready to use.”

Put together your own buggy

The following options and features can be selected when using our configurator:

  • Colour of the chassis: highest quality powder coating in various shades.
  • Seat covers (padded seat cushions, backrest cushion and side-protection padding) in various colours. The seat covers are removable so you can use different covers as the mood takes you.
  • Solid “turbo look” disc wheels available in various colours. (This option is expected to become available at the beginning of 2016).

Not found the colours, fabrics or accessories you would like? Or do you have suggestions or ideas of features or styles you would like us to offer in future? Then simply send us an email - and we’ll see what we can do for you!